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The History of Arrow Development

by Eric Tavenier © , and Carolyn Anderson Moyer
October, 2009
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In 1946, Arrow Development was started by four men who previously worked together at Hendy Iron Works. Arrow Development was started by Bill Hardiman, Angus Anderson, Karl Bacon, and Ed Morgan. All four men were instrumental in the start up and development of Arrow along with designing/building the rides for Disneyland when it opened in 1955. I remember being at Disneyland the opening day while my father, Angus Anderson, and his Arrow partners were there to make sure that everything ran smoothly. Arrow Development became instrumental in making the rides for Walt Disney in 1955 and Angus Anderson and Bill Hardiman sold their interest 10 years later.

Attached are newspaper articles along with a photo of the four men with their wives celebrating the start of Arrow. The picture was taken at the Forbidden City Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco in the Fall of 1945.

The Arrow founders, 1945, created fun engineeering jobs. Many children became engineers due to the influence on their childhoods.

From left to right: Ed and Betty Morgan, Angus and Phyllis Anderson, Karl and Jane Bacon, and Bill and Evelyn Handiman

Additional articles and photos:

San Jose Evening News article March 7th, 1955 - Andy Anderson inspecting "Casey Jr."

San Jose Evening News article (undated) - M.V. firm aids Disney

Peninnsula Living article (undated) -

Los Altos Town Crier article dated September 27, 1950 - ( used with permission, Los Altos Town Crier)


Karl and Ed sold Arrow Development in the late 1970's.


Arrow Development later became known as Arrow Dynamics, a roller coaster design company based in Clearfield, Utah, United States. In 2002 Arrow Dynamics went bankrupt but was quickly bought by fellow amusement ride manufacturer S&S Power to form S&S Arrow. During its peak, Arrow Dynamics was responsible for some of the biggest and most influential advancements in the roller coaster industry.

While impossible to measure, many children were so influenced by the creations of Arrow Development they became engineers later in life.


about the authors

Eric Tavenier is the founder of, and had the unique experience growing up with Karl as his next door neighbor.
Carolyn Anderson Moyer is the daughter of Arrow co-founders Angus and Phyllis Anderson, now a resident of Bend Oregon.



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