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Engineering Jobs by State

These are engineering jobs listed by employers seeking qualified engineers.™ lists engineering jobs and resumes for aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, manufacturing, mechanical, or software engineering. These engineering positions are in the United States and are engineering job openings for engineers only. Employers sign up here. Engineers post your resume here. Browse the following engineering jobs, or use the Engineer Job Search Engine™ page.

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  Software Engineer - DGN Technologies, Inc
  Junior Specialist - Bioengineering
  Hydraulics Test Manager - Experior Laboratories
 San Jose
  Field Service Engineer II (San Jose, CA) -
 Colorado Springs
  Senior Systems Engineer I - My Future Consulting
  Project Manager-Site/Civil - Woolpert, Inc.
  Field Service Engineer II (Hartford, CT) - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
 Fairview Heights
  Electrical Engineer - Systems Design - Woolpert, Inc.
  Engineering Designer - Woolpert, Inc.
 Vernon Hills
  CNC Application Engineer - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
  Engineering Technician- Aviation - Woolpert, Inc.
 Saint Louis
  Project Engineer - McNealy Engineering, Inc.
  Summer Intern Project Enginner - West Coast Paving, Inc.
New York
 Long Island City
  HVAC Engineers and Structural Engineers - New York City School Construction Authority
  Managing Engineer HVAC - New York City School Construction Authority
  Managing Engineer Structural - New York City School Construction Authority
 New York
  Building Engineer - Center for Jewish History
  Field Service Engineer II (Syracuse, NY) - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
North Carolina
  Project Manager-Site/Civil - Woolpert, Inc.
  Site Civil Design Engineer - Woolpert, Inc.
  Site Design Engineer - Woolpert, Inc.
  Site Civil Design Engineer - Woolpert, Inc.
  Site Design Engineer - Woolpert, Inc.
  Civil Site Design Engineer - Woolpert, Inc.
  Site Design Engineer - Woolpert, Inc.
  Site Civil Design Engineer - Woolpert, Inc.
  Site Design Engineer - Woolpert, Inc.
  Forensic Civil - Structural Engineer - Forensic Civil - Structural Engineer
 Round Rock
  Semiconductor Equipment Engineer - Leigh Law Group
 San Antonio
  Mechanical Engineer 1 - KMEA
  Mecahncial Engineer P.E - EmployVision
  Electrical Engineer P.E - EmployVision
  Lead Equipment Engineer - The Payroll Company
  Electric Engineer - The Payroll Company
  Project Engineer - The Payroll Company

Many of our listings are for experienced specialists and professional engineers with registration. Our pages feature jobs for chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, manufacturing, mechanical, and software engineers. Some engineering jobs employ various engineering talents which can be classified several ways, so check various categories to find them.

In addition to searching and browsing the engineering job ads on™, entry level engineers should submit their engineering resumes to our engineering resume database. Your engineering resume should be carefully written, and there are numerous resume preparation sites and resume writing services on the internet. Post your engineering resume with™ and look at the other online engineering job ads and online job boards too; and check out both engineering job boards and general job boards as well.'s Engineer Job Search Engine™ (above) searches the engineering jobs listed on the individual websites of over 500 diverse engineering companies, as well at the jobs listed in our site's engineer job database. Our combined index of engineering jobs really helps find those entry level engineer jobs in all kinds of companies.

Do not limit your engineering job search to any single job board either, many college career center will have links to additional engineer job sites too. Engineering associations such as ASME, ASCE, IEEE, NSPE and engineering fraternities such at Beta Tau also provide additional resources. For those interested in public service, there are many government job websites with engineering jobs listed.

Be sure to use traditional job search methods too; every successful job search for entry level engineers combines print media and the internet. Many engineering employers and recruiters look for engineering candidates regionally, by simply advertiseing in local newspapers. If you don't have access to the newspaper classified ads in the area you want to relocate to for your ideal engineering job, see if the newspaper has a website. Most newspapers now advertise their job ads on their website as well as their newspaper; to help you locate engineer jobs with these traditional newspaper sources we have included a link here to help you find regional newspapers.

When contacting any listing, whether one of our listings or any job found when using our Engineer Job Search Engine™; remember to tell them that you saw it on™ !

If you can credit your new job to's services you get a free 5 year email account at™ provides a web and client based professional email address. Start your new career with ! We can provide you a distinctive email address to help you launch your career search. Email your professional contacts with an email domain that reflects your selected profession.




Featured Employers:

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